As an immigrant and as an attorney in the U.S. Army Reserve, I have experienced how this is a unique and inspiring nation. It has been my experience that native-born Americans are not as aware or appreciative as to how exceptional and accepting this country is, flaws and all.

        While no country is perfect, it is remarkable how immigrants can move here and become so acclimated that they feel as American as if they had been born here. As citizens, native born and immigrant, we are all in this endeavor together and should be free to check “American” whenever we are asked for our race, creed, ethnicity or cultural background on a government form, for there is no preconceived, conventional category for any citizen. The categories are inherently deficient if they do not include ‘American” as the first choice. This is an acknowledgement of our unity as a nation and that we stand together as sisters and brothers. It is for each citizen to make their individual choice as to how they perceive themselves.

So let the category of “American” be the first category available to the citizen. The actual legislation is at if you would like to visit that site?

Thank you for considering this.