Liberty represents freedom in our personal and economic spheres. There are the liberties in our Bill of Rights of freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion. These are human rights for which a constitutional government was conceived to guaranty those rights. Liberty has also meant the right to keep the product of your own work in the form of free labor. No man or woman should be subject to the control of any other man, woman or state! When that occurs, terrible things happen. A constitutional government was founded on this continent, not a monarchy or rule by man, but rather rule by law. Now we are confronted with The Administrative State with too many laws that threaten to make us its vassal. Every year we are promised a little bit of security in exchange for a little bit of our freedom. Cumulatively, this deal with the devil will kill us.

Where were we in 1975 vis-à-vis the state? Where are we today? At the accelerating rate of laws, rules and regulations, what will be left or our personal and economic freedoms in 25 years, 50 years or 100 years? We must collectively push back against this plethora of laws, rules and regulations that threaten to eliminate our liberty and suffocate our economy. Why should someone stay in Connecticut, if they can have more freedom/liberty in another state?

Should I become governor, Connecticut will be open for business! The business of Connecticut will be business and not government! We will have more jobs for our citizens.